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About Us


We would like to claim that our coffee is roasted and brewed in the spirit of refinement. That our brand is synonymous with words like: fancy, cultured, sophisticated, and urbane. That when we sip, we raise our pinkies.


But, we'd be lying.


This is the coffee of farmers.

It is crafted, instead, in the spirit of grit, innovation, and careful, relentless stewardship. Inspired by gas-station gatherings at 5 a.m., where conversations and community are still alive. Where 'fair trades' take place over pocket knives and squirrel dogs. 


And now we're hitting the dirt road, going fertile field to field to deliver the best, no-nonsense cup of joe. Come sample sometime (see locations). We'd be much obliged.

Rural coffee roaster specializing in single-origin roasts | Fertile Grounds Coffee & Roastery