A few years back, when my husband and I set out to roast and brew small-batch coffee, we said it was "in the spirit of community." But, I don't think we really understood what a spirited community looked like.

Now we know.

And, there's nothing like it.

I read a book once called "Bowling Alone" by Robert Putnam. In the book, Putnam describes the collapse of the American community. He says that as we busied ourselves with activities, work, and technology these past few decades, we lost touch with each other. He argues that there is a marked shift away from civic engagement that he believes will lead to (or has already led to) un-neighborly neighbors, empty churches, floundering PTAs, and an eroded sense of community. 



But when I look around, I see the opposite in my tiny village of Leesburg, Ohio. The shop doors are open. The neighbors are busy baking food for each other. The churches are bursting at the seams. The PTO is rich with new ideas. And, ironically, the school launched a new bowling team just last fall.

We literally aren't bowling alone anymore.

And so community is defined.


I see a rising up, and a lifting up,
and I couldn't be more excited to keep fueling it with coffee. 


FG Owner, roaster, bowler