• Corey

You got roasted.

So, the new coffee roaster is en route, and we couldn't be more excited to try it out. Consequently, we've had lots of 'quality assurance' volunteers stepping forward to sample the goods. Invite yourselves over, we don't mind. 

The impending arrival of the roaster has also prompted us to finalize our product bags and labels, and to think through how best to convey what's inside. We wanted the design to convey the no-nonsense modality of the brand. Because we love a throwback mid century aesthetic, a touch of color--

Clean lines, natural hues, nothing loud or overstated. We hope you like.

Many have asked where we will be peddling our brew. The answers vary--when we launch the mobile coffee shop in June, we will, of course, serve our own roasts: light, medium, dark, espresso, and specialty. Early on, we will note customer favorites and keep them brewing regularly, inventing new flavors when we feel inspired. We will also tote around with us extra whole-bean bags. So wherever the mobile shop takes us, our beans will follow.

In addition, several bakeries and shops, owning to their commitment to super-local, have inquired about serving and selling our beans. We will work to keep them stocked with a variety of options, should you find yourself half-way through a powdered doughnut and in need of a breakfast blend to wash it down.

We won't be selling online yet, but if you contact us via email, we can talk about alternative ways you could access our beans.

Lots of updates to come before we hit the road. What an adventure...


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