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Well, we did it.

So, we launched. I'm not sure how, but sometime in June we acquired a coffee wagon, fashioned it with logos, passed inspections, whipped up a menu, and began coffee roaming. Just like that, vision became reality.

For six weeks now, the kids, Tate and I have enjoyed meeting so many faces, new and now-regular customers who have lingered at the coffee wagon window, willing to have a taste. A big thanks to folks at JD Equipment, Vital Fitness, the Hillsboro Farmer's Marketthe Fayette County Health Department, Fayette County Memorial Hospital, Wilmington College, Technicolor, and the Village of Leesburg for allowing us to serve street side. We are so grateful to Wild Roots, Kava Haus, and Batter Up Bakery for selling our beans, spreading the love. And finally our biggest thanks to those who have followed us around, seeking us out at our ever-changing stops. For those who played "name that drink" with us, you inspired new concoctions. And for those brave enough to walk up and say, "I'll have whatever you just posted on Instagram," we marvel at your faith in our ideas.

With regard to the roasting aspect of Fertile Grounds, we now have SIX roasts that remain in our portfolio (from light to dark): New Guinea, Costa Rican, Ethiopian, Peruvian, Sumatran, and Rosebud Espresso. Each has its own roasting recipe. Each can be fickle (who knew roasting on cold days or humid days could be problematic and set off a whole array of temperature issues?). But each one has become a favorite of someone (Peruvian is currently winning the race...), such that customers now ask for roasts by name, like music to our ears. We love, for example, the chiropractor in Hillsboro who only drinks Sumatran, and will down two 16-ouncers from the start of the Saturday market to the end. And we love our farmer friend from Clarksville who is willing to trade bags of Peruvian for boxes of peaches. And we especially love the 9-year-old coffee aficionado who invited us to her birthday party only to enlighten her little buddies to the glory of cold brew. 

You are all affirmation that this is right and real and on mission.

And now, we look ahead. What's happening this winter? Wellllll, we have ideas brewing (pun intended). While the coffee wagon will eventually park for the season, we are playing around with some ways to keep you all content through the cold winter months. 

Coffee is coming.


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